For twenty years I have lived on San Juan Island, Washington State and created art glass in my studio. Prior to moving here I was a professional artist at the Farmington Valley Art Center in Avon, Connecticut and owned a Stained Glass Studio in Hartford Connecticut with my husband.  Although I continue to create my glasswork, I have begun working with encaustic medium in my recent paintings.  This is a 3,000 year old technique of combining color pigment in beeswax and using it as a painting vehicle.
The element of fire has always been a predominant force in my professional artistic career over last thirty years.  The use of heat and the alchemy of melting substances into new dimensions of creativity has always been my signature in my glasswork. The choice of using the medium of molten wax in my paintings is a natural direction for me to follow by virtue of the use of the fire element as well as its strong resemblance to the character and translucency of glass. Working in the encaustic technique takes my experience with the “fusing” of media to another level, and by working fragments of glass into the paintings I am also introducing an innovative “signature” into my work.



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